Directors list

Name Affiliation Post Managerial position
President Masahiko Abe Tokyo University of Science Institute for Science and Technology Professor
Vice President Yasuhiro Iwasawa The University of Electro-Communications ; The University of Tokyo (Emeritus Professor) Innovation Research Center for Fuel Cells and Graduate School of Informatics and Engineering Director and Professor
Vice President Katsumi Kaneko Shinshu University Center for Energy and Environmental Science Distinguished professor
Director Norimichi Kawashima International Pacific University International Institute for Science and Education Professor・Director
Director Hidetaka Akatsuka POLA Chemical Industries, INC. Frontier Research Center Senior Researcher
Director Hidetaka Iwai Kao Corporation Skincare Laboratories Principal Research Scientist
Director Toshiyuki Suzuki Cosmos Technical Center Co., LTD. Research Planning Division Executive Officer
Director Kazutami Sakamoto Tokyo University of Science Faculty of Science and Technology Visiting Professor
Director Riichiro Konno KMS President
Auditor Seiji Motojima CMC Advanced R & D Lab. Co. Ltd President Emeritus Professor of Gifu University
Auditor Manabu Yamazaki Acteiive Corporation IT Research Center Chief Scientist