Paper Template
Please feel free to download the templates above.

Contribution rule

The configuration of the submitted papers

  • Title
    The title should not only represent the article, but should also be a notable and appealing. Most of the readers are likely to be interested in surface phenomenons in general, but remember to keep the expressions simple for the readers in the general public.
  • Papers
    The accepted length of the article is 6 to 12 pages, including charts, images, and references. Contact us for longer papers.
  • Subtitle
    Add a subtitle accordingly. (Please use simple terms)
  • Charts and Images
    Regardless of the article language, images and charts (to be submitted in color) are to be submitted in English.
  • Font
    Refer to the table below and our template for the fonts used in the article.
    Cover English
    Arial Bold: 18pt
    Author name(s)
    (up to three authors)
    Arial Bold: 11pt
    Arial Italic: 10pt
    Arial Italic: 10pt
    Email of corresponding author
    Arial Italic: 10pt
    Arial Bold: 10pt
    (within 5)
    Arial Italic: 10pt
    Brief Personal History of Author
    (up to three authors)
    Arial: 10pt
    Paper English
    Arial Bold: 16pt
    Author name(s)
    Arial: 11pt
    Arial Italic: 11pt
    Arial Bold: 11pt
    Arial: 10pt
    Arial: 10pt
    Times New Roman : 11pt
    e.g.Author,Journal[Italic],Year[Bold],Volume[Italic],First page-Last page
  • References
    The references format should comply with those of the Chemical Society of Japan.
  • Others
    Add a key color image and the title, author, organization, address, email address, keywords, summary in the first page, and keep it within two thirds of a A4-size paper. In the bottom one third, post the portraits and summary of the corresponding author(s). (See the template for details)


  • Document Submission
    Download the template from our website and submit your article in both Microsoft Word and PDF format here . The template can be downloaded from the upper-left corner of the Contribution Rules page.
    Article Format Microsoft Word PDF
  • Article Publication
    We will contact the contributing author(s) via email when the article is published and send a PDF copy.


  • Multiple Submission
    Re-submission from other journals is prohibited. The author is responsible or any liabilities if such act is found.